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The Gambling Amendment Act also included a large number of changes to the New Zealand rating system for gambling operators, including changing the classification of online casinos from Class I to Class III gambling establishments. This classification would most likely make it easier for online casino operators to move their operations to New Zealand without having to worry about operating in the regulated environment of New Zealand. However, this new classification also made it harder for online operators to do business in New Zealand, as there are only a select number of ‘gambling facilities’ that can be accessed by people based within the country like nz-casinoonline.com does. These are the only casinos that can be accessed by New Zealand citizens, by international visitors and by workers working offshore.

Part of the changes to New Zealand law included the introduction of lotteries. Lotteries are a new innovation in the area of online gambling, in New Zealand or anywhere else for that matter, and it did attract a lot of controversy when it was introduced. Critics of lotteries argued that they are ineffective because people tend to wager a lot on lotteries, and because the numbers of people who wager on lotteries are small, the amount of money won through lotteries is small. Critics also claimed that by making gambling more accessible through lotteries, the prevalence of organized crime in New Zealand will increase, and it is something that the government did not want to happen.